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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Good Afternoon Luvs!

Welcome back to Visit Drip AKA The Prison Wife Shop. It's Monday; a start of a new week and I'm sending you all nothing but love, good vibes and lots of strength and motivation to get through this week!

I wanted to come on here just very quickly because I've had several ladies request a blog post on things I send my husband on special occasions or just on a regular basis to show him my love and appreciation. I'm going to do my best to do a weekly post on this topic, especially since right now with covid; our mail is even more important than ever.

So to start off, I wanted to share with you all a photo book idea that I love to create and send my husband. It's super easy, inexpensive and super cute! I'm located in California and I know that most State institutions allow these to be sent to your loved one as long as its a soft cover photo book and is sent directly from the company/ manufacturer. I also know several other women around the US who have had no problems with getting these delivered to their loved ones, but to stay safe just double check with your loved ones institutions mailing regulations before sending out your photo book. If for what ever reason the photo book isn't allowed they will ship it back to chapbooks and they can ship it back to you instead.

The company I love and recommend is Chatbooks. I've been using Chatbooks for over 3 years and I absolutely have nothing but good things to say about it. The quality of these photo books are outstanding and my husband and all his friends (because he loves to show them off) love them! I have a $10 off Coupon that I will list down below, go check them out and make your loved ones day today!


  1. Download the Chatbooks App

  2. Select the type of photo book you want to send and the size you want to send it. (don't forget to select the soft cover option)

  3. Add the pictures and if you'd like make a comments (like a real picture book).

  4. Finalize your purchase and insert YOUR LOVED ONES ADDRESS ! (First Name, Last Name & "Inmate" Number)

  5. At Check Out Use Promo Code: VDRIP10

  6. Shipping on Chatbooks end is fast but is delayed by most institutions because the Photo book will process through R&R as a special purchase/ book/ or package.

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