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Holiday Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is in 19 days, Christmas is in 49 days and New Years is in 56 days. So, If you are anything like me, scrambling and drawing blanks, trying to figure out new cute and unique ideas then you probably need some help brainstorming. Well you came to the right place!

Lets help each other by posting 1-2 of our best holiday or just general gift ideas! Who knows, maybe someone will post something you haven't tried before. The more people participate, the more helpful this blog post will be for the next person. Don't be shy or think that your gift idea isn't valid! I will leave my husbands favorite gift down below in the comment section.

(It will be helpful if you list whether your Love in is incarcerated in a County Jail, State Prison or Federal Prison. You don't have to say what institution. For example : CDCR

And if you want to ask each other question feel free to do so! This is a Safe Place! )


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