Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

With our Loved Ones being Incarcerated, Valentines Gifts can get a bit tricky. Either because you are limited on what you can do or send, and in my case after several years; I feel like I've done it all. So today I decided to share some ideas I have done and hopefully you all can share some ideas with me!

Idea #1: If you are on a budget you can always write a long love letter and add some extra love by printing a selfie picture. On the back of the picture add a cute note, For example : "Every time you miss me and can't call me, I want you to look at this picture and remember that no matter what, I will always love you unconditionally. XOXO"

Idea #2: You can never go wrong with a Sweet V-Day Card and if you want to go all out you can always Shop for a V-Day card and add your Picture to customize it & make It your own. Some even like to spice it up and add sexy pictures on those cards! Visit Drip X OG Stationery will be more than happy to do this for you! REMEMBER that you can get a FREE V-Day Card and a V-Day Set with a purchase of a V-Day Mystery Box (That can include: lingerie/toys/clothing/mystery items). That offer will end 1/10 @ midnight! All you have to do Is add a card of your choice and the mystery box (Set will be automatically added) & use code : BOGO at checkout! Something for you and him ! Best of both Worlds!!

Idea#3. If you want to make it exciting you can do a open on 02/1, 02/.. and so on letters. On each letter you will create a theme or romantic topic. For Example: date ideas, your first day out... You will send these out prior to the dates so he can open them on the day of. To make it organized; on the back of the envelope when sealed write "Open on 2/1".

Idea #3: Chatbooks!! Chatbooks is a photo book that you can create and send directly to your loved ones facility. All CDCR and most State prisons will allow when sent as a soft cover. You can add a message and customize it to your preference. Read more about how to order and get a discount code by going to the Blog Post Titled : Chatbooks! You can order one for less than $10 with our discount code!

Idea#4: Let your loved one know how much you love them by doing the " ___ Loves you so much that it reached to ___ (CA, Mexico, Nevada). There are Facebook groups just for this kind of project. One in which is called "My love for you is so big it has reached". You go on there and post the states/ countries that you would like. They write a cute note, take a picture with a nice background and you can return the favor ! Save the pictures and print them or add them to the photo book ! This is cost efficient and so creative ! He'll love it!!

Idea#5: Take professional Boudoir Photos for him and send them !

Idea#6 Print out a photo of you that is no larger that 8x10 (CDCR and most state size limit) and cut it in to a Large puzzle piece! In the back write a letter !! (This is what I'm doing this year) You could also do what I did 2 years ago and do the same thing but instead cut the picture in to several puzzle pieces and make him solve it!

Idea #6. Rated R! Make sure to get in some sexy lingerie and have your toy ready to have some intimate 15 min phone sex lol!! Tell him what you are wearing, what you wish you could do to him and what you are currently doing! Don't be shy lol!! - Make sure to purchase the mystery box for a great toy and lingerie set, plus free card and V-Day set!!

I hope these Ideas helped! Feel free to share yours. Don't worry, whatever you send I'm sure he will love!!

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